Sunday, April 21, 2013


Hola, hola!
El viaje no termina! On the way to Granada the view was just amazing!

 And after five hours of sitting in the bus I arrived to beautiful Granada and met some great German people :)
 24 euros for that little thingy?? No thanks!
 One of my many "artistic" photos
 That was some strange idea of mine "yeah...let's take one with the rubbish thing over there!"
 I'm siiiiiiinging in the rain!
Hey look I'm a lamp woooops!
 THE Alhambra!
 Because girls love cake...
...and beer :)
 oh yeah, I also have a fashion brand just so you know ;)
 My awesome Spanish boys in Granada! They made our room a mess but I still love little sweethearts <3
 having a duckface situation over here!
 And here were are with all my darlings together like a happy family aw.... :)
My gorgeous lady from England! :) 
More pictures to come from Granada and the great Alhambra! ;)

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