Thursday, April 18, 2013

Back in the land called home

Hello there!

This was the end of my trip in Spain. On wednesday I went to barcelona for a day and met my lovely friend  de inglaterra who always knows how to make a person laugh! Thank you for being there for me Eve :)

It is hard to leave a country that I love so much but I am sure I will go back again sometime soon. Out of all the cities I visited Granada and Seville were my favourite...Seville maybe more. But the most important thing for me as I am traveling are not so much the places I see but the people I get to meet.

I am left with hardly any money after this trip but I gained really good friends, awesome memories and great life experiences! All that is so much more important than money for me.

But I am starting to get emotional here! Its funny how it feels to be back home again. I always laugh how Greek people are proud of their hospitality and all that....pffffff. Today I had to take the bus back to my hometown so I asked some employer if the bus was the one that was going there. He got so mad at me and asked me if I was totally stupid...ummm hello! I just wanted to know where the bus was going -_- He didnt need to be such a dick about it. Ahhhhhhh good to be back home again!

I apologize for my bad english but I am writing this on the bus. I will post pictures of my adventures asap! Stay tuned :)

Besos xx

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