Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ole sevilla!!


Here I am in the land of Sevilla! On my last night in Granada I spent it on my own as my Spanish men left back home on Sunday. It felt a bit lonely to be in a 8 bed dorm on my own, but what can you do! I will probably meet them again here in Sevilla so yey!

Everything looks really nice so far even though I havent seen much as I arrived yesterday in the evening. After I had checked in I got a bit excited at the super market and bought a terrible amount of food ( dont go to the market when you are hungry). Plus everything is so super cheap here so why not? Later I decided to be a bit social and I went up to the terrace of the hostel and met some more people :) I am becoming really good at this meeting-people-kind-of-thing! Trust me I didnt used to be this social before!

With the people I met including two guys from Denmark, three from France and two girls from Russia we went to this really cool place where they had a flamenco show for free. Really nice even though the dancer was a bit gordita and she couldnt move that well :/
At the show I met more people surprise surprise! One guy from poland and one from Germany, but they had been living in Sevilla for a while now so with them I walked around the city later on. It feels like most of the people I meet here are all men, but I get along better with them. Not so complicated as women :P

Oh well! My friend will be coming in a few days so I am really excited to see her again! Plus the guy I met in barcelona is coming as well to visit me here! I am becoming popular...okay I know they are coming to see Sevilla and not me so much but let me feel a bit special :P

I guess I have some exploring to do so see ya laterrrrr!


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