Friday, April 5, 2013

G like Granada

Hola chicos!

Here I am in rainy Granada :) Despite that I love the atmosphere here! First of all the hostel is really nice and I have met lots of nice people!

Yesterday I went to four bars with a guy from Germany and one from Arabia. Dont ask why we went to all these bars...for fun I guess? Haha it was quite nice and we got to talk for the differencies between our cultures and all that! Besides I am always up to meeting new people and learning new things! They as well thought I was Japanese when they first saw this some kind of joke??? Maybe my parents have been hiding something from me all these years!! Oh well...

After all those bars we went to dance salsa and it was actually just me and another guy dancing in the end. Not so many people go to dance on thursdays I guess! I must have looked quite stupid as the guy was dancing salsa the cuban style and I have been used to the LA style, but we managed it somehow!

Today I walked around the city with a guy and a girl from Germany, but I didnt get to see the Alhambra yet! Fortunately I got a ticket for Sunday so lets hope its not raining then! Fingers crossed!

These are my latest news from my adventures here! Stay tuned for the next exciting episode :P

Besosss!! xx


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