Sunday, April 7, 2013



I am still in Granada but I will be heading to Sevilla on Monday! I must say that these past few days here have been quite awesome! I met more people with who I have been spending time with. Also I am in the same room with 7 guys from Sevilla! Mom and dad dont freak out when you read this! They are actually the nicest guys I have ever met! One of the guys told me yesterday " I told my mom on the phone that we are staying in a room with a girl who is traveling on her own. She thinks you are crazy for doing this, but we will take care of you dont worry!" :) Que precioso!

Mom you better start worrying because I am marrying a Spanish guy no doubt about that! :P If that happens I wil need to improve my Spanish beause sometimes it feels like I dont know anything. In Andalucia people speak so fast and they have this strange accent that I cant keep up with what thy are talking about. I feel stupid to keep asking them what they are saying that in the end I just nod my head when they are actually asking me whats my name...hupsy!

By the way.... never ask a Spanish guy to guess your age! My average age would be 25 according to them. This is not goooood -_- Maybe there is something in the food here that makes me look Japanese and older, who knows!

After staying with all these men I am getting used to all the farting and snoring in the room. Too much testosterone I cant handle it! Plus somebody has taken my shampoo...things dissapear in Granada...wooooo!

Now I am going to spend time with my Spanish men!

Hasta luegoo!


  1. I told you! The Spanish guys are unfortunately mostly very nice. Anyway, I don't worry about you now that you have this company, I'm sure you are much safer than before meeting them.

    Tell greetings to the guys! The mom of one of them seem to have exactly the same opinion about a girl traveling alone as your father...

    Love, Mom

  2. Just like in the army! enjoy :)