Thursday, April 11, 2013

Donde estamos?


Here is a small post for today! Right now I am waiting for my Greek friend to come and I hope she wont get lost on the way here! Let me say something about Seville....its a freaking labyrinth!! I have never been so lost in a city like I am here D:

On Tuesday I went out with my new friend Marco from Italiaaa and we got totally lost. We were walking and walking when we realized (or actually he realized) that we were going on the wrong direction (just great!)! Thanks to Marco and google maps we found our way back to the hostel wohooo!

Yesterday I visited plaza españa which was absolutely breath taking! After that I ended up walking around for a few hours desperate to find a market to get some chocolate, but I didnt find one....maaaah! I think most of the time here I have spent it on trying to figure out where I loooost! Even the markets are well hidden grrrrr

Now I have to hurry to get my friend from somewhere I dont know....probably get lost again!

Hasta pronto!


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  1. Whats going on? Where is the next post????